• When it was announced that I would be speaking at a devotional, a list of some of the upcoming devotional speakers was posted on the BYU website. When my husband saw my name listed ahead of Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Elder Ulisses Soares, he took a screenshot and sent it to me with text that read, “Listed in order of importance?”This gave me a good laugh but also impressed upon my mind what an honor it is to be speaking at this pulpit. Even though I feel inadequate for the task at hand,
  • When I was fifteen years old, I worked on a sod farm located close to where the Payson Utah Temple now stands. To cut the sod, we used a harvester that weighed about fourteen tons.One day I was assigned to work with my high school classmate on the back of the harvester. We were moving the harvester from one end of the field to another. I was walking alongside the slow-moving harvester, and I attempted to jump up onto the platform to sit next to my friend. I misjudged my jump and landed only Rea
  • You have been blessed, brothers and sisters, to frequently receive counsel and instruction from others of my Brethren. I am aware that I must have the power of the Spirit with me if I am to teach you anything worthwhile. You will also need the power of the Spirit with you. I pray that this may be the case with each of us tonight.I marvel that through the miracle of technology I not only speak to those of you here in the Marriott Center but also to many thousands more who are with us through the
  • This is an overwhelming sight. And I would like you to know, my dear brothers and sisters, President Holland, President Vernon, President Gardner, and all of you, how much I have enjoyed the music and how pleased and honored I am to participate in this 14-stake fireside tonight, because I want to tell you what an exciting and challenging time it is in the history of Relief Society. It is a time of great growth, great expectations, and great needs. The sisterhood of Relief Society must be strengthened Read
  • In harmony with the spirit and fever of this football season, I thought you might want to hear of an experience I had some two years ago.I looked at my stake conference schedule and discovered that I had what is called a “firm free” weekend. This meant that my assignment was to remain at home and to attend to my family responsibilities. This freedom pleased me very much because on that particular weekend, Brigham Young University was scheduled to play a very crucial football game; and, inasmuch Read m
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