• Donald W. Parry
    The title of my presentation is “Angels, Chariots,
 and the Lord of Hosts.”1 Please know that I have, through various means, sought for the
 Spirit of the Lord. Please know also that the Lord’s angels exist and are empowered by Jesus Christ
 through His infinite Atonement. The Ministry of Angels Since the days of Adam and Eve
 angels have had significant responsibilities in the Lord’s great plan of happiness. Angels figure
 prominently in ancient and modern scripture. Angels have ministered to or communicated with such
 notables as Adam, Hagar (see
  • My brothers and sisters, I am honored to have been invited to speak to you today. The topic that I have been assigned to speak on may seem a little strange to some of you for a setting like Campus Education Week, but I hope and pray that it will be both interesting and inspiring. The subject is death. Someone once said that life is a terminal illness; no one gets out of it alive. Death is both fascinating and somewhat frightening—­frightening in that there is normal apprehension about it. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that “the Lord in his wisdom had implanted the fear of death in
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