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  • It is certainly a great privilege and a greater inspiration to be here in your presence. I think that I have never seen this many people in this building before, and to know that you are all here worshipping God and wanting to hear more about his work makes me feel very humble before you. But I want you to know that I am grateful for the privilege of being here; I am grateful for the inspiration you are to me; I am grateful for this great University and for the marvelous work that it is doing, not only on this campus but in many parts of the world as your groups travel from place to
  • I want to confirm the honesty and the quality of the students at Brigham Young University. The story is told around the Church Office Building that a student from Brigham Young University came up for a mission interview. The general authority asked him a number of very searching questions. Finally he looked at him very intently and said, “Young man, do you smoke?” The young man answered, “No, thank you.” I respond to this invitation to speak just as it was given. “Will you come down and talk to the students and the faculty at Brigham Young University?” That is what I am
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