A Consecrated Faculty

The Lord’s emphasis on education has been strong and sustained. The dedication of this founding faculty to BYU early in the university’s history is humbling. We are the beneficiaries of the toil of early colleagues who built BYU at considerable personal sacrifice.

Consecrating Our Education

Consecrating our education and cultivating a giving attitude will enable us to bless many more individuals. . . . These will be the people who years later and thousands of miles away will not necessarily remember what we did but rather how we did it.

Building Up the Kingdom of God

I am honored to be with you tonight. Because I am a mother and grandmother of young people your age, I feel qualified to bring you a message from your mothers and grandmothers. I want you to know how much you are loved. We love you more than life itself, more than you will understand until you have children of your own. And, oh my, do we worry about you…