Speeches by Topic | Courage

Why Mountains?

Please remember when you look up at Y Mountain to ask yourself the question “Why Mountains?” My prayer is that you will remember that they are there not to befuddle us but to bless us.

The Courage to Choose Wisely

Choosing wisely is a critical part of His plan of happiness and an integral part of the test of our earth life. God’s direction to Enoch was to say to the people, “Choose ye this day, to serve the Lord God who made you” (Moses 6:33). He really does know best.

A Brave Generation

You may find yourselves in situations where you have to be brave in defending the principles of righteousness even when no one is watching. In such situations, you may draw courage to defend the principles of righteousness from your faith in God and also from your love toward God and your fellow man.

"Fresh Courage Take"

The Lord has promised to give us His power and protection as we live righteous lives. I pray that we can each take fresh courage and truly find the refuge that God has prepared for us in our personal lives, where we will be blessed with those who overcome the trials of this life, where we too can exclaim: “All is well! All is well!”