• It’s humbling to sit here and gaze from left to right and see how many people are assembled here waiting for what they might hear from their speaker. It reminds me of a little boy in our fast and testimony meeting a couple of months ago. I watched him from the stand, and I could tell he was fidgeting, trying to get up enough courage to come up and bear his testimony. He was just a little fellow. Finally he made the move. He stood up, walked solemnly up that long aisle, passed in front of me and smiled, stepped over to the pulpit, put his hands down, looked at the audience, removed his hands
  • I appreciate, my brothers and sisters, the opportunity of spending these few minutes with you. It is an interesting experience to come back to BYU from time to time and to have the opportunity to speak to the student body. May I relay my congratulations to the Universe staff. I hope most of you are planning to make journalism a career. We are in deep need of some objectivity in the profession and we are in need of people who don’t carry their individual biases into the profession. We are in need of people who uphold the truest standards of journalism and have the ability to bring out
  • Bernard Brockbank
    It is a glorious experience to be part of this fireside, in the presence of so many keen, alert, youthful minds. The God-given human mind is far greater as a reservoir for organizing and accumulating knowledge than the greatest man-made computers. The human mind is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of all of God’s masterful creations. As we unite our minds this evening in the atmosphere of the Lord’s university, the power of your potential godliness can be felt. We have assembled this evening to think, to reflect, and to enjoy the blessings of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ said, “An
  • Wouldn’t that be wonderful if it were true that I was a marvelous work and a wonder. It’s a great honor, brothers and sisters, to have the invitation to talk to you here today. I feel mighty frightened right at this moment when I think that you are all college students and professors and I am just a country boy who milked the cows and didn’t even have a high school in his town. To come here I feel embarrassed. But I am grateful for this great university, and I am grateful to be one of the Board of Trustees. I think of the experience of the Prophet Joseph when he was only eighteen yea
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