• I am going to tell you two stories today: a short one about dead cats and a long one about dead people. Dead Cats First, dead cats. Now, I know you might be tired of so many talks beginning with stories about dead cats, but bear with me. My parents’ views on pets—cats or otherwise—could not have been more different. My mother grew up in a household that didn’t allow animals in the house; my dad grew up in a home where pets, at one point even including a monkey, were allowed inside. Over their s
  • I’m happy to be able to greet you here this morning in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a devotional at the Lord’s university. I am persuaded that this is his university. I am sure he has many of his children scattered about the world in different universities, but this is his. How glorious it is to be here this morning, to listen to Sister Harris and her lovely sisters and their beautiful music, to be in the presence of these special witnesses of the Lord (and there must be two thousand of them over here), and to be in your presence. Families in Eart
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