What Think You of Thanksgiving?

Several years ago a close friend wrote a provocative little book that she entitled What Think You of Christmas? With all due credit to my friend, I’d like to pose the question to you: “What think you of Thanksgiving?” Is Thanksgiving celebrated in your home as a significant religious holiday, or is it a day filled with food, football, and plans to begin really serious Christmas shopping? It is symptomatic of our…

Thanks Be to God

My dear brothers and sisters. I am very grateful for the privilege accorded me to address you on the eve of the important Thanksgiving recognition we give to this Thursday’s holiday. I am confident that I am the most blessed of you all, as I have been privileged to be a member of the administrative staff of BYU for the past thirty years. It has brought important and special responsibilities…

Upward Reach

After inviting Louise Lake to bear her testimony on the importance of gratitude in our trials, Adam S. Bennion counsels students to keep an upward reach toward heaven. Keep your spiritual channel open to receive God's revelations and blessings.