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Where Your Heart Is

It is so easy to worry only about yourself—your new job, your promotions, your advanced degrees, and even your fears. You will find that it is easy to place yourself, and at times your fears, as your treasure. If you do that, your heart will fail you.

Nourishing the Tree

Brothers and sisters, good morning! Several years ago a young returned missionary came to see me. I had been his bishop several years before and had helped him to work through some problems from his youth and to prepare to serve a mission. By the time he began his mission, he was ablaze with the fire of the gospel and served enthusiastically and honorably. It was now a year or…

Flaxen Threads

The chain held by Satan is referred to in the scriptures as “the chains of hell” (Alma 12:11), “the bands of iniquity” (Mosiah 23:12), “chains of darkness” (2 Peter 2:4), and “the everlasting chains of death” (Alma 36:18). Such chains are used in making us captives of the evil one. Normally, they are not thrown over a man or a woman suddenly or in one single act. They start as flaxen threads and encumber a person habit by habit, sin by sin, and strand by strand.