“Come Ye, and Let Us Walk 
in the Light of the Lord”

My goal this morning is to help us better appreciate the blessings of this greater light and knowledge in our lives and to better understand the methods by which it has been, and continues to be, obtained. Specifically, I will discuss the methods and roles of two complementary sources of truth: revealed knowledge—or what Saint Thomas Aquinas called “God’s words”—and discovered knowledge—or the truths that can be and have been derived from intensive study of God’s works.

To Walk in the Light

I am grateful the musical number could be delivered not only with talent, but with the Spirit. I appreciate Sister Glenna Woolf, the accompanist, and the duet by Gaye Beeson and her daughter Emily Galland. We hope, this morning, to be second and third and fourth witnesses of the testimonies borne at the just-concluded general conference. I thank Brother Williams for the spirit of his prayer. We welcome those attending…