• It is an honor and a rare privilege to speak to this “stone-cold sober” gathering of university students. You have done it again. You have made the national news. I was in Oregon on Sunday participating in a conference and read in the paper the Associated Press story of the Princeton Review’s “Advantage Guide to the Best 310 Colleges.” Florida State University came out number one as the “party school” of the nation. George Washington University came out number two, and the University of Florida number three. On the other side of the coin were the top 10 “stone-co
  • Matters of Loyalty A recent event on our campus helps set the stage for my remarks today. It was covered thoroughly by the press, including an excellent editorial published in the Daily Universe. The date was November 16, 1985—just over two months ago. We made history. Television covered it, the print media published it, and in the best Clint Eastwood fashion, we made Beano Cook’s day. BYU booed its own quarterback. One of America’s truly distinguished philosophers, Josiah Royce, wrote: Loyalty is for the loyal man not only a good, but for him
  • My beloved brothers and sisters, I am overwhelmed at this magnificent audience of over 23,000, according to President Oaks’s estimate. The background screen has been raised so that those sitting behind the screen could have a place in sight of all of us. Thank you, you wonderful brothers and sisters—my friends, in the same sense that the Master called his disciples friends; not servants, but friends. I am delighted to be with you. While my schedule does not permit me to have this wonderful experience very often, I said to the brethren, “I think it has been so long since I was here la
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