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Don’t Miss the Miracle

Almost immediately upon becoming a member of the Church, the Spirit of Elijah began to burn deeply within me. I not only faced the fact that I had Russian ancestry but began to embrace it. I became overwhelmingly grateful for all of the sacrifices that both sets of grandparents had made in eking out a better existence for themselves and their posterity in a new land.

The Other Side of Heaven

Having experienced lives and elements in chaos, I appreciate more than ever the power and goodness of God in bringing order out of chaos in organizing the earth; dividing light from dark, land from ocean; and bringing plant, animal, and finally human life to this earth. Let us follow Him: Learn the truth, make promises to live the truth, and do all in our power to keep those promises.

Media Myths and Miracles

I am grateful for my wife, here on the stand with me, giving me her constant support. She really is my hero. I’m grateful for family members and friends who have shared with me the weight of saying something valuable to you during our time together. I’m also thankful for colleagues from the College of Fine Arts and Communications, who also are seated on the stand and in the front…


God does have control of all of these elements. You and I can reach out, and if it’s His will, we can bring those elements under our control for His purposes.