• My beloved brothers and sisters, there is an understandably subdued spirit on the campus of Brigham Young University today. I have thought about you and the student involved in the incident yesterday without ceasing since I learned of this episode. This morning I arose very, very early, and I would like to share with you briefly just a few thoughts that may be of some assistance to all of us. I invite you to consider and to connect four things. First, consider the titles used to describe the Lord Jesus Christ by Isaiah: “Wonderful, Counsellor [please note the word counsello
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    Good morning. I am humbled by the opportunity to speak with you today. I would like to give special thanks to the members of my family, to my colleagues, and to my students who are in attendance. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a student here at BYU attending devotionals and forums. I am glad to be part of this tradition as a speaker now; this campus community is a precious one, especially as we have opportunities to come together and discuss matters of the gospel. The Peace of Christ I would like to tell you about an experience I had as a student. I was lear
  • I have prayerfully prepared a message designed to bring you peace and happiness in a troubled world. I know that the truths it contains provide solutions because my precious wife, Jeanene, and I have proven their worth in our own lives. For you to obtain the maximum benefit from our time together, I suggest that you carefully write down any impressions that come to you. They are personalized messages from the Lord sent through the Holy Ghost for your guidance. Temple Ordinances Strengthen the Family and the Home Two of the vital pillars that sustain Father in H
  • Like many other parents, my wife, Amy, and I spent a good deal of time watching videos with our kids when they were young. Often those videos contained surprising lessons. For example, in the Disney animated film The Hunchback of Notre Damethere is a climactic moment when Quasimodo rescues Esmeralda from the flames and rushes into the Cathedral of Notre Dame, shouting for sanctuary. Whatever liberties the executives at Disney may have taken with Victor Hugo’s novel, they are at least drawing on an actual medieval practice that considered the church a place of refuge. During the confl
  • During an exceptionally hectic morning my mind was full to overflowing as I thought about the stress of my day at work, family responsibilities, and additional large assignments I had at the time. I was trying to work out the physical and emotional commitment to each and was overwhelmed, knowing that one person with two hands and 24 hours in a day couldn’t possibly do it all. I turned on the car radio only to hear the kind of news that makes you want to cry. As all these things swirled through my brain, the thought came to mind: “So much for peace on earth, good will to men.” I wondered how
  • What I will say to you today will only have meaning as you make room in your heart for the Spirit. You surely have many things on your mind as you come to this devotional. Our time together will quickly pass. You probably will not remember much of what was said. As the Spirit prompts you with a feeling or thought to attach to your life, please don’t let it pass you by. Our message today is simple: God wants you to find and keep joy in this world and in the world to come. You have been specially endowed with a celestial nature that is to grow into a fullness of joy. That thought can g
  • A few years ago, a film crew and I climbed into a rented green van at the Boston airport and set off up the coast to trace the unfolding of the Restoration. It was March—cold and blustery with sheets of ice and snow. We started in Topsville, Massachusetts, where Joseph Smith’s ancestors settled and had a pew in the church on the commons. Taking each historic site in sequence, we then drove to Sharon, Vermont, the birthplace of the Prophet Joseph. It was a serene, somewhat isolated setting. Next we went to Palmyra to that grand stand of trees—the Sacred Grove. I had been there several
  • My young brothers and sisters, I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak with you. I am thrilled and humbled to know that you are watching from around the world. We live in times of incredible technological advances. I stand here in Provo, Utah, and through modern communication satellites you can listen to and watch my every comment. I had better do a good job tonight and communicate effectively! As I mention communication, I am reminded of a story about a hiker who ate a condor, a protected species of wild bird. It seems that the hiker was apprehended and taken before a judge
  • This morning, as most of you know, one of the greatest tragedies that has occurred on the mainland of the United States took place. Thousands of lives have been lost, and thousands have been injured. The most important counsel that we can give this morning, I believe, is threefold. The first is there is no reason to fear for our lives or the lives of our loved ones if they weren’t in those towers or the Pentagon. We suspect the terrorists are hoping for panic. With the exception again of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, we believe there are no other areas of danger. Se
  • I am grateful for the prayer, for the music, for the kind introduction, and most of all for visiting with you tonight. I want to talk with you about peace and about the Prince of Peace. Please join your prayer with mine that we might have the companionship of the spirit of truth and of peace. When you look at your newspaper and your television screen you don’t see much about peace. Oh, there was and still is some talk in the press and by politicians in the United States about a “peace dividend.” You will notice less and less talk about that. That dividend was supposed to be the money
  • It is a privilege to be with you at a fireside this evening. I have pondered what message would be helpful and meaningful for you in your life at this special time of learning and preparation for the future. May the Spirit be with us as we discuss some gospel teachings is my prayer. To Strengthen Our Faith President Spencer W. Kimball, in a 1966 talk entitled “Tragedy or Destiny,” said: I am positive in my mind that the Lord has planned our destiny. We can shorten our lives, but I think we cannot lengthen them very much. Sometime we’ll understand fully, and
  • In a revelation to Joseph Smith, the Lord gave this simple description of the plan of life and salvation: And this is my gospel—repentance and baptism by water and then cometh the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost, . . . which showeth all things, and teacheth the peaceable things of the kingdom. [D&C 39:6] It is apparent from this statement that those who follow the principles of the gospel should be able to experience the “peaceable things.” Yet in this stressful period in which we live, we frequently encounter people who seem to be doing the best they know how to
  • I consider it a real privilege and honor to meet with you young people in this hour of worship, and I pray that the Spirit of the Lord will direct your minds and thoughts. I commend you for your desire to increase you knowledge and understanding of the gospel. You are choice young people, blessed with the blood of Israel, and blessed with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel to say to you that the Lord has a special mission for each one of you, and as you live in accordance with gospel principles, the Lord will open up the way before you and assist you in solving your problems a
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