• In harmony with the spirit and fever of this football season, I thought you might want to hear of an experience I had some two years ago. I looked at my stake conference schedule and discovered that I had what is called a “firm free” weekend. This meant that my assignment was to remain at home and to attend to my family responsibilities. This freedom pleased me very much because on that particular weekend, Brigham Young University was scheduled to play a very crucial football game; and, inasmuch as I’ve learned to appreciate the finer things in life, I promptly made arrangements to a
  • A. Theodore Tuttle
    My faith in youth is always renewed when I have the privilege of meeting with the youth of Zion. I would like to talk to you today about a subject that makes no headlines in the media or gets much attention elsewhere. It is not a popular subject for speakers. In the gospel menu it would probably be the meat and potatoes instead of the exotic salads and other types of foods. I suppose for that reason it has normally been avoided as a subject for speakers. Yet this movement is the single most important event that has occurred in recent Church history. I speak of the present emphasis on
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