Building upon the Rock

You, my young brothers and sisters, and you who teach them, have an obligation to participate fully in this wonderful and sometimes tumultuous time of preparation. We simply cannot afford to be anchored to anything less consequential than the saving rock of our Redeemer.

To Confirm and Inform: A Blessing of Higher Education

I believe that when an engineer, a musician, a social scientist, or anyone educated in a given discipline reads the scriptures, they too can gain insights and make discoveries unique to that discipline if they are looking for them and if they are observant. It is exciting to be a part of a community of learners who are doing so and then sharing their insights and discoveries with others. I hope you will develop the habit of being so observant—of regularly considering what your learning can tell you about the gospel and what the gospel can tell you about your learning.

Companions from the Scriptures

Seriously, this is a fireside? As I commence this assignment, I do not see the fire, but I feel the heat. I am grateful to be here; I am thankful to be one of you, a fellow student with you. I regard myself as a lifetime student and have a very fond affection for this campus and this school although I was never a student here. Many years ago there…