• Larry Wilson
    Today I would like to talk about some of the big issues of our time through the lens of history and literature as well as the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We live in a day of technological and scientific marvels. It is also a time of uncertainty—one in which many ­question whether or not faith and religion have a place in their lives or in the public square. You too will have to decide whether faith has an enduring place in your own life. In fact, there are dramatic changes occurring within this country as it relates to faith and religion. A recent Pew Research Center study repor
  • It is a pleasure to be here today among friends, colleagues, and students. As I was seated upon the stand and thinking about what I might say to introduce my topic, it dawned on me how things have really come full circle. It doesn’t seem like it was very long ago when I was in your seats here as a student myself at the university. And, interestingly enough for me personally, I notice seated upon the stand two professors who had a profound impact upon my own education and on what I would eventually do for a living. You have heard from one, Brother Donald Q. Cannon, who gave the opening
  • I am especially happy to see so many attending this devotional this morning when the competition “out of this world” is being televised. While we are concerned that the astronauts will arrive home safely, as we have prayed this morning, it is good that so many of you are here to learn more about how you may return safely home to your Father in Heaven. My beloved brothers and sisters, this is a thrilling sight. I’ve been uplifted by the lovely music and the spirit of this occasion. I am proud of the great work being done on this campus. I commend you for the counsel given by your president t
  • As I look at this very large congregation, I know how those players from Pennsylvania felt yesterday. I am seized by something of the same paralysis which evidently troubled them. They made a fairly good comeback, but it was too late; and that is what happens to many of us. We finally repent, but it is very difficult to catch up before the gun is fired. Everyone who stands at this pulpit on such an occasion as this apparently has the same feeling—a feeling of wonder and an appreciation and a reassurance. It is a tremendously impressive thing to know that there are so many of your kin
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