• Good morning. I am excited to be here today. I pray that the Spirit will bless us. The topic today is important, both temporally and spiritually, and I invite you to listen with both your mind and your heart. Each year I teach almost a thousand BYU students in SFL (School of Family Life) 260 about family finance. Oddly enough, the purpose of this course is not to teach students how to get rich. Instead, the goal is to help students gain a stewardship perspective and wisely manage their money to joyfully strengthen family relationships. As a bonus, this class ­fulfills the quan
  • It is a privilege for me to speak with you this evening. My delight stems not just from who you are but, maybe even more important, from who you may become. In 1955, after my first year of college, a friend and I spent the summer working at the newly constructed Jackson Lake Lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We arrived at the lodge in time to help prepare for its grand opening. As the date of the anticipated celebration approached, we learned two important things about the grand opening. First, many dignitaries, prominent businessmen, civic leaders, and western governors would be there
  • Thank you for that beautiful music. Someone said, “This is the luxury of beautiful music. We love it for what it makes us forget, but most of all we love it for what it makes us remember.” That beautiful rendition has reminded me of Him whose servants we are and whose children we are, and it has given me some sustaining influence on this Sabbath evening. I think I should alert you to the fact that the talk I have prepared is not really very interesting. That, I must claim, is not because I have not spent time in preparing it, for I have—a good deal more than usual. I want very much t
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