Tenacious Faith and Selfless Service

If we show tenacious faith and are prepared to lose ourselves in service, our Father in Heaven will prepare the way for us to accomplish all that He asks of us. I pray that we can be instruments in our Father in Heaven’s hands in doing His will and that we will find great and eternal joy in His service.

The Power of One: Selfless Service

To be like the Savior is to be whole, which implies that we are engaged in acts of selfless service. Selfless service requires personal action, a desire to pick up our beds and walk. It is easy to give away excess money, used equipment, and used clothing. It is more difficult to give of our time, to give of our personal presence to help others.


Almost all of the problems in our lives, our families, and our communities could be solved if we would simply replace our selfishness with selflessness. With selflessness we demonstrate our true relationship and intimacy with the Savior. It is the link that binds together the family of God.