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Receiving Revelation

But there is even more good news for those who question their ability to receive and recognize revelation despite their sincere but often seemingly ineffective efforts to do so. It is that you are likely doing better at receiving revelation than you think.

Spiritual Cataracts

It is a humbling experience to speak with you this morning and to have present friends, family, missionaries, colleagues, and many others. As I reflected on the message I wanted to share today, I was reminded of an experience my mother-in-law, Helen Thomas, had a few years ago. She noticed that her vision was deteriorating. The images she saw were becoming increasingly blurred and faint. Finally she scheduled an eye…

Keeping Our Spiritual Wells Flowing

I am delighted to be here today to share some experiences and feelings with each of you. I do appreciate Brother Hurtado’s rendition of “I Am a Child of God” and will talk more of that topic later. This is certainly a humbling experience to stand before you and discuss feelings of the heart. It is both an honor and a challenge to speak during this devotional time set aside…

Spiritual Experience

My brothers and sisters, I want to begin by telling you that I feel and know the responsibility that is mine in talking to you this day. It is always an immense responsibility to talk of the ways of the Lord, and so I pray that I may be blessed to say the things of my heart, and that you will be able to receive them as they are meant,…

There Is Always Hope

To all those who ask the plaintive question “Is there any hope for me?” the answer is a resounding “Yes! Yes! Yes! There is always hope.” Reverberating through all eternity, all creation exults: “In Christ there is always hope.” I know whereof I speak.

Becoming Men and Women of Principle

  A Sad Case A number of years ago, as a counselor in a bishopric, I was assigned to home teach some of the less active members of our ward. One of my families was a lone man who lived in a rented room. He was very hard to find at home. And try as I might to be Christian about it all, I was often glad when he was…

The Business of Being

Every person on earth is involved in the same business: the business of being. In order to become the best disciples of Christ that we can be, we must increase in conversion, in maturity, and in dedication to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.