• Thank you, President Samuelson. I consider it an honor to speak today to the students of our great university. I am grateful that my family has joined us, and I appreciate that my sons accepted the invitation to offer the prayers for this devotional. One of the great blessings in my life has been a supportive family. I enjoyed the musical number and am grateful for the abundant talent exhibited in student performances. In keeping with the spirit and intent of our university devotionals, I pray that what I will share now will be helpful as you prepare to live in an uncertain world. At
  • My dear brothers and sisters, I pray that the Spirit of the Lord will be here with us and that you and I will be edified and instructed from above. I have prayerfully sought the Lord’s guidance as I have prepared to speak to you. I am convinced that the unity of the themes that have been addressed to large audiences on this campus in the past 10 days is not a matter of coincidence. As the featured speaker of the Freedom Festival patriotic service, Sheri Dew reminded us that where much is given much is expected. Elaine Bond, last week’s devotional speaker, also spoke of our duty and our oppo
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