For church goers, “read your scriptures” is a classic Sunday School answer. While it is a simple answer to give, there are marvelous blessings for those who follow through. We’ve listed five reasons below, but don’t let this list hold you back from finding your own reasons to study!


1) The Scriptures Are Words from Heavenly Father

“Are the scriptures delicious to us—as precious as gold and sweeter than honey? Do we feast on them, delight in them, and ponder them as Nephi taught? (See 2 Nephi 4:15–16.) Do we liken them unto ourselves as Jacob counseled? (See 2 Nephi 6:5.) Do we search them for the Lord’s specific words to us—bringing conversion, wisdom, enlightenment, revelation, comfort, and rejoicing? Do we recognize them as one of the sweetest, most sublime blessings we have?”

—Susan W. Tanner, “Scriptures—More Precious Than Gold and Sweeter Than Honey,” 11 September 2005

Something to Ponder: Where in the scriptures was I reading the last time that I felt converted? Enlightened? Comforted? Which scriptures are sweet to me?


2) The Scriptures Teach Us by Example

“As I have studied the Book of Mormon, I have become convinced that, in addition to its being another powerful witness for Jesus Christ and his gospel plan, it has unusual value for us by virtue of what we can learn from the experiences of the people whose record it is. . . . We can also gain vital insight into how we may continue to merit the Lord’s blessings and thus avoid the calamities that so often befell these ancient people.”

—Dean L. Larsen, “Likening the Scriptures unto Us,” 3 February 1991

Something to Ponder: Who are my role models in the scriptures? How have I incorporated their examples in my life?


3) The Scriptures Help Us Grow Day by Day

“Scriptural study was a key element in the Savior’s growth from ‘grace to grace’ (D&C 93:13). Likewise, time invested in the scriptures will pay huge dividends for us. Our spiritual progress will be shaped by our familiarity with God’s words as revealed through the prophets. May each of us commit a few minutes daily to that study is my prayer.”

—Marilyn S. Bateman, “How Knoweth This Man Letters,” 8 January 2002

Something to Ponder: How can I free up a few extra minutes in my daily schedule to consistently make room for scripture study?


4) The Scriptures Give Us Answers to Our Personal Questions

“The answer to all the problems that we will ever encounter are found in the gospel of Jesus Christ and in its application to our daily lives.

“Now, that doesn’t mean you could sit down and read the scriptures and immediately find the answers to your problems. It is not quite like that. Sometimes answers come quickly, but often not. The scriptures contain eternal principles. They contain the word of the Lord, and sometimes when we are reading those principles, the Spirit of the Lord puts into our minds the solution to the problem with which we have been wrestling.”

—Robert J. Matthews, “Using the Scriptures,” 14 July 1981

Something to Ponder: How can I make my scripture study more conducive to the Spirit so that I can find the answers to my personal questions?


5) The Scriptures Prepare Us to Meet God

“When the day comes for us to stand before the keeper of the gate, the Holy One of Israel, it is my prayer that He will not perceive in us a slowness of heart to believe that which the prophets have said. Rather, may He see us as men and women of spiritual letters, having learned day by day over a lifetime. May each of us prepare to meet Him is my prayer.”

—Merrill J. Bateman, “How Knoweth This Man Letters,” 8 January 2002

Something to Ponder: How do I feel about my current state of preparation?


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