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  • Devotionals are a remarkable feature of this university. I have come to appreciate their amazing value as they contribute to our learning, our spirituality, and our sense of community. It is an inspiring sight as we all make the trek from our various places across campus to this location each week. Our attendance reflects the desire of students, staff, and faculty alike to experience, during this brief interlude, thoughts and feelings that provide uplift, strength, and joy for our individual and collective lives. It is an equally awesome and inspiring sight as you flood into this building a
  • Sister Nelson and I are thrilled to be with you on this special occasion. Whenever we come to BYU and are privileged to rub shoulders with members of the faculty and student body, we are better for it. In two days, people in this nation will set aside their usual labors and celebrate Thanksgiving Day. This custom fosters gratitude to God for the good things of life. Each one of you will offer your own expressions of gratitude in your own way, wherever you are. We have so much for which we are grateful—family, friends, food, freedom, faith—all of which come to us from a loving Father
  • These firesides generate quite a bit of warmth. I can feel it clear down here. We’ve been delighted by that beautiful musical number. We are honored by the presence of President and Sister Oaks; Dr. Russell M. Nelson, one of the regional representatives; the stake presidencies; and all of you. I am most honored to be with my beloved wife, Ruth, who to me is the most important person in all the world. This evening I wish to speak about one of the most important blessings available to worthy members of the Church. I speak of patriarchal blessings. My chief reason for speaking upon this
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