• I asked our records department to tell me how many college-age youth we have in the Church. They responded 1,974,001. Good, I thought, I will speak to the one. You may be here in this congregation or somewhere in any one of 170 countries. You, the one of nearly two million, are in the early morning of your life, while I am in the late evening of mine. My college life began at Weber College, then a very small junior college. World War II had just ended. Most of the men in our class were recently returned from military service. We were, by and large, more mature than coll
  • G. Homer Durham
    Today is the ninety-seventh anniversary of the birth of Elder LeGrand Richards, who left us on Tuesday, 11 January of this year. His passing has reminded thoughtful people of the life of President Wilford Woodruff, fourth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Many of us here tonight have touched the hand or heard the voice of Elder Richards. He in turn heard the voice and touched the hand of President Woodruff who was an associate of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Someday you may be able to tell your grandc
  • My beloved brethren and sisters, humbly and gratefully I stand before you this morning and seek an interest in your faith and prayers that the message that I have may be accompanied by the Spirit. It is a wonderful sight that I view here this morning. It is good to be with you, my beloved young friends, distinguished members of the faculty, and special guests. My wife and I have just returned from a glorious weekend at St. George, where I had the privilege of addressing three overflow audiences, two in the largest auditorium they have at Dixie College and made up largely of young peo
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