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  • Good morning. I am excited to be here today. I pray that the Spirit will bless us. The topic today is important, both temporally and spiritually, and I invite you to listen with both your mind and your heart. Each year I teach almost a thousand BYU students in SFL (School of Family Life) 260 about family finance. Oddly enough, the purpose of this course is not to teach students how to get rich. Instead, the goal is to help students gain a stewardship perspective and wisely manage their money to joyfully strengthen family relationships. As a bonus, this class ­fulfills the quan
  • It is a great opportunity and a great privilege to be with you this beautiful morning. I appreciate the effort you have made to gather here. It has been the custom, reaching back many years, for a member of the First Presidency to speak to you at the beginning of a new school year. I would very much like to say something that will be helpful to all, and to this end I have prayed for the direction of the Holy Spirit. I bring you the love and greetings of President Kimball and President Romney. President Kimball serves not only as president of the Church but also as chairman of the boa
  • My wonderful young friends, I express my love for each and every one of you. I express my love for the Lord, and I begin by bearing my personal witness that I know the work is true. I believe implicitly in the law of tithing, and I am grateful that you and I have had the privilege of reviewing again this tremendous film produced by Brigham Young University. It has been a blessing to all the Church for many years, and now it is being recycled in order that the people might once again have their faith renewed in this tremendous principle of tithing. As this film was being produced in S
  • Every resource we have in the Church is made available because someone is paying their tithing. As presiding bishop Joseph L. Wirthlin discusses the ways the Church uses tithing, he reminds us that the Lord asks for one tenth of our income and blesses us innumerably in return. The text for this speech is unavailable. Please see our FAQ page for more information.
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