• My dear brothers and sisters, what a sobering sight you are, coming from various walks of life and various parts of the country. And to think this evening we are assembled across the breadth of the earth. Between now and the rebroadcast of these proceedings, young adults throughout the Church will gather together and participate in such an event as this. It is truly marvelous. A glorious thing happened at general conference last month. For most of the world it went unnoticed, but for those who know and love the truth it was as unforgettable as the clap of 10,000 thunders. Thin
  • Several years ago I visited an isolated oasis deep in the Gobi Desert in China. Some 80 miles from the nearest town, the oasis was in a small canyon that had been occupied by a handful of Buddhist monks for hundreds of years. In this incredibly isolated spot, the monks could avoid the temptations of the world and focus only on Buddhist teachings. In Latter-day Saint terms, these monks were trying to flee Babylon. Most of us have elected not to dwell in total isolation but to live in the civilized world. This decision requires us to interact daily with the world and to face the challe
  • Thank you, President Lee. I am a friend of BYU. I love BYU. Sister Porter and I were here more years ago than I would like to say, other than to tell you that we have grandchildren who are now seeking to enter BYU, so that will give you some impression of how much time has passed. Our love for this institution has never wavered. One reason for that came to mind as I sat here watching you arrive today. There is a goodness about you that can be felt as one sits here and looks into your faces and listens to the marvelous music we’ve just heard. I like to return to this campus. Yo
  • We are privileged tonight to have a very honored guest. I’m sure none of you will notice him unless I point him out to you. L. Tom Perry IV, my grandson, is on the floor over here. You notice his position—right underneath the basket, if the basket were there. I have great confidence in this young man. Judging by his present rate of growth, I think between 6’10” and 7′ is about where we could expect him to be. If anyone from the P.E. Department is here, if you’d like to see me, we’ll sign a letter of intent immediately following the meeting. I&#8217
  • Good morning, my brothers and sisters; it is a great honor and privilege to greet you here this morning in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are met in his name, it is because of him that we are here, and I presume that everything in this life that is really worthwhile comes through the Lord. He has a special program for you and me. It is vitally important that we understand the Lord’s program, for it is calculated to make us happy, which is, of course, the object and design of our existence. “Men are, that they might have joy” (2 Nephi 2:25). That is a collective term—it means woman, t
  • Hortense H. Child
    It’s a great privilege for me to be here this morning. I am always more thrilled when I am in the presence of the young people of the Church because there is such promise among them, and I am very blessed and feel honored to be on this campus. Summer students, it seems to me, must be rather special. Although tradition is changing, it is rather usual to go to school during fall, winter, and spring. So those who go in hot June, July, and August indicate to me that they are really anxious about an education and are making a serious endeavor. I’m also aware that the great genealogy semin
  • I’m delighted to have this opportunity. Every time I come on this great campus a thrill runs through my soul as I mingle with you great young people. Seems like it’s always a homecoming too. I see so many of you out there—good Bostonians, good New Yorkers. Isn’t it great to have that representation here. I’m sure it influences and sweetens the campus here to have some of that good Eastern blood. As I approach this subject today, you may find it to be a mixture of a businessman’s approach and a churchman’s musings. I think that wherever we find truth it’s our responsibility to uphold
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