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Why can’t I find the speech I’m looking for?

The talk was given recently, and text preparation may not yet be complete. The text of each devotional is edited and every quote is reference-checked for accuracy. This process can take from a few days to several weeks.

The talk was given prior to 1972. The bulk of the text content for the BYU Speeches website comes from the Speeches of the Year books that were started in 1972. Transcripts for most of the devotionals and firesides given prior to 1972 are available from the Special Collections Department in the BYU Harold B. Lee Library. They provide photocopies through regular mail or PDF scans via email. Call Special Collections at 801-422-3175.

The talk may not have been released by the speaker for distribution. Every university devotional and forum speaker signs a speaker release form. On this form they indicate their permissions and restrictions regarding the distribution of their address in print, video, or audio formats. We can only post material released for distribution.

The talk was given at a conference or symposium. With a few exceptions the talks on are the BYU devotional and CES devotional assemblies. The Education Week program does not distribute copies of Education Week presentations. The speakers retain the rights to their material. Selected Women’s Conference transcripts are available at this link: The Religious Studies Center sponsors various symposia and they have links for searching their publications at