• Ryan Holmes
    When I was ten or eleven years old, my twin brother and I went on a hike up the mountain just north of Y Mountain. Together, with a few friends, we woke up early and climbed straight up the face and then scampered across the top to the peak overlooking Rock Canyon. On our way back down we ran into a small rattlesnake. Being the excitable kids we were, we surrounded the poor creature and wouldn’t let it escape. We became so bold as to pick it up by the tail as it would try to slither away. We’d hold it for a second or two and then drop it when our nerves gave in. The potentially deadl
  • Amy Petersen Jensen
    To say that I am flattered to be standing at this podium would be a gross understatement. I consider this to be an honor of the highest order because of who you are and the enormous impact that this place has had on my life. My relationship to this campus goes far beyond my current titles or even my degrees from this institution. The only word that is intimate enough yet broad enough to encompass my connection to BYU is the word home. BYU is my home. I have lived within walking distance of this very spot more than I have lived anywhere else in the world. I am a child of BYU, n
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a day when we celebrate love. We think of love letters and hearts, roses and chocolate. Many hope today to receive a message from one they love, and some are planning to deliver a message to one they love. I hope you won’t be disappointed. My parents loved me dearly—of that I had no doubt. But when I was ten years old, I had to attend boarding school in England while my parents continued to live thousands of miles away in Saudi Arabia. The separation was an enormous wrench for me. On the long flight to England, I remember feeling qu
  • Derek A. Marquis
    When Mary Magdalene and “the other Mary” arrived at the empty tomb, they were greeted by an angel of the Lord who told them to “go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead.”1 Matthew, in chapter 28, goes on to state, “They departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.”2 Within a short period of time, we presume (remember, they were running), the message had been delivered, and the 11 disciples were again reunited with their Lord and Master. It was then that the Savior of the wor
  • In section 128 of the Doctrine and Covenants, the Prophet Joseph Smith described “a welding link” that must exist between the past, the present, and the future if we are to be made perfect along with both our ancestors and our posterity (verse 18). He refers, of course, to the offering of the ordinances of exaltation so that we can present to the Lord “a book containing the records of our dead, which shall be worthy of all acceptation” (D&C 128:24). Those who have done any family history work will know the great sense of fulfillment and gratitude that comes when we can learn enou
  • I am honored to speak to you today. However, I am somewhat humbled by this opportunity. This reminds me of an instance about 20 years ago, when I responded to an editorial that I heard on WGN-Radio in Chicago. Shortly after sending a written response to the station, I received a call indicating that they would like me to come in and tape my response for broadcast. Luckily I wore a suit to the station, because when I arrived, I was informed that the taping would take place on the set for the evening news program, with a teleprompter. It hadn’t crossed my mind that WGN was both a radio and a
  • Jon D. Green
    President Kimball in an address delivered at a Regional Representatives Seminar on April 3, 1975, said: I believe that the telephone and telegraph and other such conveniences were permitted by the Lord to be developed for the express purpose of building the kingdom. Others may use them for business, professional or other purposes, but basically they are to build the kingdom. [Typescript Copy, BYU Archives, p. 20] The explosion of communications technology since 1975 has far exceeded President Kimball’s reference to telephones and telegraphs. We now have computers, laser
  • Bruce L. Christensen
    I am grateful for my wife, here on the stand with me, giving me her constant support. She really is my hero. I’m grateful for family members and friends who have shared with me the weight of saying something valuable to you during our time together. I’m also thankful for colleagues from the College of Fine Arts and Communications, who also are seated on the stand and in the front rows of this assembly. I appreciate their support. They are a remarkably talented, intelligent, and disciplined group. It is a great privilege to be counted among their number. A couple of weeks ago D
  • I appreciate this opportunity to address the student body at this great institution during the first month of this Bicentennial year. I have given much prayerful consideration as to what I might say here, so as to not waste your time. I have decided to depart somewhat from the kind of talk that might be expected, to deal with something that is connected with both morals and religion, but is not necessarily a religious talk as some might interpret it. More than anything, it is a sort of contribution to the Bicentennial. The Church has asked each of us to make what contribution we coul
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