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The Gift of Uncertainty

In this life we know only in part, and in fact the more I learn, the more I see that I do not know. But I also believe that God knows us completely, that in our uncertainty we can accept God’s love for us as certain and constant. We may not know how God will turn our stones to light, but we can have hope that God will turn our stones to light.

God Loves You

And on that October Sunday morning at Upper Falls, I actually asked Heavenly Father a question—something I was not taught to do growing up. Like most, I was taught that you can ask for blessings. It had never really occurred to me to ask Heavenly Father a question, because that implied you expected an answer—that you expected God to actually hear your prayer and acknowledge it with some sort of communication.

The Nature and Character of God

We may rest assured that our Father knows all things and He does all that He does out of love. And He does what is best for us from an eternal perspective. He asks of us our loyalty, our willingness to help others, and our repentance—for which He will reward us with the riches of eternity.

“Know He Is There”

I have total confidence and faith in the wisdom and omniscience of a loving, merciful Heavenly Father—to be dependent upon him and yet to communicate with him, I must make faithful personal effort on a never-ending basis.

God in Our Lives

We cannot simply ignore God until we feel we need something from Him. To reap the mortal and eternal blessings of faith, we must foster a belief in Him continually. We must make Him the focus of our lives.

Understanding God

Through the first vision, Joseph Smith gave us the key to understanding the personages of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but no human can truly understand God without taking the time to learn about Him. We must consistently seek to come to know Them personally.

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